AmeriCorps training series

Thank you to America Learns for sponsoring this series. There are virtual workshops each month. Group discounts are available. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out via our contact page.
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Member Engagement: Creating Community for Members on February 15 at 2 pm eastern time, a virtual workshop for program staff and supervisors

What’s the workshop about:

This session is for program staff whose members do not regularly (or ever) connect in person, and you’re looking for ways to help members feel more connected to one another and to your program. How do you build a sense of community within your cohort? How can you make the most of monthly meetings or virtual tools like Basecamp and Discord to strengthen the relationships among members?

The rest of the series

We’re hosting a virtual workshop every month of 2023; six for AmeriCorps members and six for AmeriCorps program staff and supervisors. We hope you can join us!

For Staff and Supervisors

Member engagement: Creating a virtual community for members on February  15th a virtual workshop for program staff and supervisors
Recruitment: Communicating the value proposition of AmeriCorps to applicants
Recruitment preparing host sites on June 21st
Planning your member calendar around the member lifecycle on August 9th
Recruitment: rebooting a late start cohort on October 18th
The essentials of feedback and coaching on December 6th

For AmeriCorps Members

Time Management, setting boundaries and developing healthy habits sponsored by America Learns on January 25th
Figuring out your next steps
How I used my education award on May 24th
making a great impression on july 19th
Welcome to AmeriCorps on September 27th
Breaking up with burnout on november 15th