Cozy, Juicy, Real

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A team building experience that kindles fun, authentic, and truly connecting for americorps members

We are proud to host a fun event for AmeriCorps members, an online game designed by an AmeriCorps alum.

Cozy Juicy Real is an introvert-friendly game with a very ungame-like purpose: To kindle fun, authentic, and truly connecting interactions. Members will be in a group of 5-6 and will get to know each other beyond small talk as they move around a virtual game board and answer questions labeled “Cozy”, “Juicy”, or “Real”. Members will encounter fun group challenges, give each other Spark cards, and end with a bang on the bonus Lightning Round.

What to expect

  • An easy way to connect with others serving with AmeriCorps 
  • Fun game mechanics including group challenges, Spark cards, a Lightning Round and a points system
  • A facilitated, bond-building experience played from the comfort of your home or site, via laptop or desktop
  • Small groups of 5 – 6 players playing Cozy Juicy Real in private Zoom rooms
  • Questions thoughtfully designed to spark conversations and connections

Want to know even more about the game? HOW TO PLAY COZY JUICY REAL (3 mins)