How I Used My Education Award Workshop

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How I Used My Education Award on August 2nd with a Panel of AmeriCorps alumni

Fourth in the Life After AmeriCorps workshop series for 2022, this workshop is designed for current AmeriCorps members and alumni who want to know all of the different ways they can utilize their Education Award. This workshop covers both practical steps to access it as well as inspiration from alumni about all the various ways it can be used. This product is for a single ticket to the workshop. Programs or State Commissions can also purchase group access at a discount if you have more than 20 members.

More About The Workshop:

Paying off student loans, pursuing graduate school, taking an online course in underwater basket weaving… there are so many options for how to use your education award. During this workshop, you will get a chance to hear directly from AmeriCorps alumni who navigated successfully and used their award to further their goals. Get ideas, tips on making it through the paperwork and a plan for how to make the most of this benefit.