Welcome to AmeriCorps Workshop for Supervisors


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If you are an AmeriCorps Program Manager and you are looking for a fun and engaging virtual workshop for your new Supervisors or Site Supervisors, then this is the right workshop. This workshop covers AmeriCorps 101, National Service History, Unituitive Aspects of AmeriCorps, and a review of Prohibited Activities. The workshop engages supervisors through a meaningful icebreaker, storytelling, trivia, and a lively Q&A. The workshop includes the cost of hosting the session on Zoom and the workshop will be presented by an AmeriCorps alum and former AmeriCorps program director. The workshop fee also includes a moderator, so you do not need to worry about the tech. The session will be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording afterward.

Below is the title and description for the session:

Welcome to AmeriCorps – It’s Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

Whether this is your first time leading an AmeriCorps program or whether you have several years of experience, there is always something new to learn about AmeriCorps. It is an amazing program that can help you serve more people and leverage the talents of dedicated service members. It is also full of very specific requirements and unintuitive regulations. We will dig into the what, why, and how of AmeriCorps in this enlightening and entertaining webinar.

Recommended Time Frame: 60-75 minutes