You want to create or update your strategic plan so that it is actually helpful.

In the past, has your completed plan languished on a shelf? Just a collection of paper that was wordsmithed to death, the memory of which is too fresh for staff to want to start a planning process again?

Or maybe you actually had a good experience with strategic planning. But it’s been awhile, your plan is out of date, and now you don’t know where to start. Do you have to start back at square one? Can you skip parts? How long is this going to take?

Now more than ever you and your team need direction. You need hope. You need to have everyone on the same boat, pulling in the same direction. Can a strategic plan help you get there?

Before we can decide where to start, how much time you need to invest, and how to get your team on board, it’s time to take a few minutes of reflection. About 10 minutes to be exact. Turn off any distractions and spend the next 10 minutes filling out this questionnaire about the current state of your organization. You may not have all the answers, just fill it out to the best of your ability. After you do, I will send you advice and resources that are customized to your current situation.