Team Building

You work with great people, but sometimes the work gets in the way of connection. When teams are starting out they are often nice and polite, but it doesn’t yet feel like you really know each other. Without that knowledge and comfortable push and pull you can end up in awkward silences or misunderstandings real quick. In fact, maybe you relate more with that description than the first.

Whatever your team’s communication style looks like right now, we can help you find energy, connection, and mutual understanding. Those ingredients lead to the important stuff, like trust, respect, and open communication. A team that has that is firing on all cylinders, solving problems quickly and tackling new challenges with grace.

Let’s figure out what is the best fit for your group?

Newly formed or adding new members? Try…

Let’s Laugh and Connect — Through a partnership with Cozy, Juicy, Real, we will bring your team a fun interactive game that will help you get to know one another at a deeper level. 

Lets laugh and connect team building module


Have you been working together for a while and are stuck in a rut?

Re-energize and Recommit — Through activities that engage team members in both personal reflection and analytic discussion, your team will come together to connect with the why behind your work and get excited about what is actually possible despite your constraints.

Team members looking silly playing with empathy toy

Each module is designed for 4 hours of “face time” with your team which can be divided up between 2 or 3 sessions. This approach allows the modules to fit into your existing team meetings. It also allows for team members with different learning styles to digest what they have learned and reflect on it between sessions. Team members are more likely to change their behavior or adopt new practices when they make small changes that are reinforced over time.