America Learns presents Surviving Exit Fever: Preparing Your Member for a Successful Exit on March 31st

We know that there can be both excitement and anxiety as a member’s term winds down- for the member AND for you! It can be a productive time for reflection and planning, but it can also be fraught with “exit fever” as members make decisions about their future, wrap up projects, and perhaps leave things unfinished or incomplete.

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What’s more, as members near the end of their term, you may see a dip in motivation or in productivity. Members may feel as if they are so close to the finish line they don’t need to work as hard any more to get there. Or the uncertainty of what may be next for them can cause a lot of apprehension. The good news is that this is all normal and expected- not unlike “senioritis” in high school or college! 


As project directors or site supervisors, you can help your member navigate the emotions of ending a year (or more) of service and ensure your program isn’t negatively impacted. Together, we’ll review the lifecycle of an AmeriCorps member and talk about how “exit fever” is showing up in your projects, at your sites, and with your member(s). 

What are some of the red flags? 

How do you design an approach that is empathetic and supportive? 

Perhaps most importantly, what are ways you can identify exit fever early and proactively? 

To help guide the conversation, we’ll have an opportunity to discuss some common archetypes of AmeriCorps members nearing the end of their service and talk about the right strategies for the right challenges. There will be a lot of opportunities for group conversation, sharing of experiences, and gathering the wisdom from those already in the room.

We hope you will join us and program staff from all over the country on Thursday, March 31st at 1 pm Eastern Time for Surviving Exit Fever: Preparing Your Member for a Successful Exit

Written by Betsy Prueter, Instructor for Do Good, Be Good and former AmeriCorps Program Director and AmeriCorps alum