Join us for Planning Your Member Calendar Around the Member Lifecycle, a virtual workshop for AmeriCorps members on May23rd, brought to you by Do Good, Be Good and sponsored by America Learns.

Every AmeriCorps member has a unique experience, but there are patterns that show up consistently as members move from the Honeymoon phase to Facing Reality to Overcoming then finally to Accomplishment and Exit Fever. By strategically aligning your trainings and member engagement activities around this lifecycle, you can anticipate the challenges members will face and proactively intervene just in time. A well planned calendar can go a long way to member retention and we’ll help you design it in this session.

Learn the member lifecycle; Understand what members need at different stages of the life cycle; Gain a deeper understanding of the types of activities that you could include throughout the term to meet member needs.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  1. What is the member lifecycle
  2. What do members need at different stages of the lifecycle
  3. What types of activities can you include throughout the term to meet their needs

Meet Betsy, Instructor

In addition to being an instructor with Do Good Be Good, Betsy Prueter is the Chief of Staff and Director of Prospective Policymaker Education for the Postsecondary National Policy Institute (PNPI) in Washington, D.C. PNPI provides professional development and continuing education to current and prospective higher education policy professionals. Prior to PNPI, she directed federal grants to facilitate academic service-learning and family-school-community partnerships in low-income schools and managed several AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps*VISTA programs. Throughout her career, Betsy has enjoyed teaching and mentoring college students- including through Massachusetts Campus Compact as an AmeriCorps*VISTA herself.

She has consulted with non-profits in Washington, D.C., and across the country – with a focus on facilitation, staff development, continuing education, and asset-based community development and organizing. Betsy holds a master’s degree in Education Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an executive certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown University.

Betsy resides in Atlanta, GA, and is a proud public school parent and advocate.

Here are two quotes from attendees of a previous workshop:

“Thank you for a well thought and applicable workshop. I appreciated the visuals and all the ideas shared by the facilitator and other PDs during this time. Thank you for all the resources and ideas. As a new PD this really boosted my confidence!”

“Thank you for this workshop; it was absolutely amazing! I appreciate all the information, visual aids, and breakout room time with other Program Directors. It was evident that the facilitator was passionate and engaged in what she was facilitating. Thank you!

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Planning Your Member Calendar Around the Member Lifecycle Workshop on May 23rd