It’s been a hard year for AmeriCorps programs. With the pandemic upending our lives, we’ve all had to find ways to adapt. Whether it’s adjusting to remote work and online collaboration tools or simply figuring out how to support our members while continuing to serve our communities in a time of upheaval, a lot has changed.

When it comes time for members to think about life after AmeriCorps, many of us have relied on events or webinars offered by local organizations to facilitate that discussion. Unfortunately, those in-person events have been canceled and community partners who once provided professional development resources are no longer able to do so. It can feel like there is just too much going on to even think about organizing an event or facilitating a panel discussion on your own. It’s all too easy to let the hard work of preparing members for life after AmeriCorps fall to the wayside, especially this year; however, this conversation has never been more important.

It’s Time to Prepare Your Members for Life After AmeriCorps

Now more than ever before, exiting AmeriCorps members need guidance to be successful after their term of service is over. Members leaving our programs face a competitive job market, sky-high tuition costs, and an uncertain future. Even if you had a Life After AmeriCorps event before, now is the time to make it better and more useful for your members.

I want to make it easy for you to have that conversation. Right now, I’m putting the final touches on Life After AmeriCorps in a Box, a do-it-yourself toolkit full of resources for hosting your own Life After AmeriCorps event. This resource kit takes care of all the preparation and planning for you. It includes technical guidance to facilitate online discussions, easy-to-use digital and print templates, and thought-provoking content created in partnership with AmeriCorps alums from all over the world. Life After AmeriCorps in a Box is flexible and fully customizable for your program and your specific needs. I’ll provide everything you need to host a virtual or hybrid event or sprinkle mini-sessions into events or meetings you already have planned. 

With this toolkit, you’ll be able to connect to a global network of AmeriCorps alumni, bring in diverse perspectives, and address the unique challenges of COVID-19 facing your exiting members. Keep an eye out for more information about Life After AmeriCorps in a Box and a link to purchase this resource for your program.

About Sharon
Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom is a professional facilitator with extensive experience working with AmeriCorps as a former service member and as an AmeriCorps Project Director. Sharon is passionate about service and about supporting the development of mission-focused leaders.