As a Millennial who is fascinated by how people act at work, everyone had told me I needed to watch Simon Sinek’s talk about the Millennial generation and why people my age and younger are so disengaged at work. I finally watched it today. If you haven’t, I recommend checking it out and I have embedded it below for your convenience. Although I agree with a lot of what he says, I think he is missing a big aspect of the Millennial question. The big change we are seeing play out with the March on Washington and the protests around the country is an opportunity for Millennials.

Yes, I agree that Millennials who grew up with technology in their hands and instantaneous answers on google lack the knowledge and practice of building real in person human relationships. They are missing the deep understanding of how long it can take to develop a lasting relationship or create lasting change at work. However, from my work with AmeriCorps members for the last 10 years (many of whom are Millennials), I see that Millennials know this. They realize they are missing out on meaningful human connection. They feel that something is missing. They seek the ability to create lasting change. They are disillusioned with the type of answers you can get from the click of a button.

Millennials are hungry for meaning, connection, and depth. They are finding it in movements like the Women’s March on Washington. This is also what has driven higher and higher numbers of young folks to apply to join AmeriCorps and Peace Corps. They want to make a real difference and build relationships that matter. However, they still lack the skills and practice of how to do this. That is why I am so excited that movements like the Women’s March are bringing together people from all generations. Millennials are able to receive guidance and support from older generations and they are able to bring their ability to collect and disseminate information quickly to the movement. I believe that many Millennials as they grow up into real adults are realizing what they are missing and are creating their own solutions.