So many meetings, events, and conferences are happening virtually right now. Perhaps you have one coming up this week. Do you know what you are going to wear?

Dressing for a video is different than dressing for the office. In this short video clip, I will demonstrate for you some of the key things to think about as you pick your wardrobe for your next call where they might ask you to turn on your webcam.

A few highlights from the video:

  • Pick a top with sleeves – sleeveless tops and tanks can make you look rather naked when you can only see a small amount of your body in the video frame.
  • Wear a color that contrasts with the background – you want to frame your face but you don’t want to be a floating head.
  • Solids are better than busy patterns and whatever you do, do not wear horizontal stripes.
  • For jewelry, pick something that won’t reflect light as much and won’t move around a lot.
  • Minimize distractions by removing jewelry or items close to you that you are likely to play with, especially if they make noise.

What questions do you have about leading virtual meetings?