Are you an AmeriCorps member or supervisor? Do you wonder how you can have a bigger impact during your relatively short term of service?

In honor of AmeriCorps Week, I am sharing clips from webinars that I host for AmeriCorps members and supervisors. Today’s clip is from a webinar called, Leading for a Lasting Impact, in which I discuss different strategies for ensuring AmeriCorps members have the greatest impact possible during their term of service. In this clip, I describe how I was able to take the principles of continuous improvement and put them into action in my first job in the nonprofit sector. Although this was not an AmeriCorps position, it was similar in many ways.

What are your ideas for leading for a lasting impact? How can we make the most of AmeriCorps terms as well as other short term or temporary positions? What lessons did you learn during service?

I would love to hear your story here, or on my Facebook Page.