One of the wondrous delights of working from home is cranking the music up loud and dancing around the house. We keep our thermostat low (60-65 degrees) and after a couple hours of typing at my desk I can’t feel my fingers any more. In order to get my blood pumping and my energy level up I turn on Pandora to Uptown Funk or Queen.


As a perpetual achiever I have to multi-task while belting out a song or dancing around the house, so I usually grab a disinfecting wipe and wipe down the counters to the beat.┬áIt really is quite a striking scene and I am glad that I have the house to myself for this daily ritual. That is, except for the cat. Elsa, our maligned Siamese/Himalayan fluffy feline does NOT appreciate this behavior. She cocks her head, gives me a look, … “seriously?” and then sulks off to hide under the covers somewhere.

spring 001

My unhappy cat

Why do I bring this up? It took me years to realize this secret to productivity: understand where you can get energy from and structure your day to optimize energy. If you don’t work from home, your daily energy break may look more like a walk outside or coffee with a colleague. Whatever it takes, take that break and keep your spirits up! People are depending on you!

For your viewing pleasure if you need it: