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“In a Box” Resources

Templates and materials that you can quickly customize to meet your program’s needs, including:​

– Orientation Facilitator Outline that includes learning outcomes and technical guidance
– Slides template with AmeriCorps branding
– Interactive Activities to use for teaching members about AmeriCorps history and Prohibited Activities with both low tech and high tech options
– A guidance document for members about how to use Zoom and how to prepare for the tech requirements of a virtual orientation
– Simple low-tech activities to use for icebreakers and team building both in-zoom and offline between training sessions
– Scenarios to use for an interactive session for members on how to handle typical challenges
– Orientation Evaluation Template
– Orientation Agenda Template
– Recommended videos and additional resources to share with members

The ultimate resource for supporting your members transition out of AmeriCorps

Designed for AmeriCorps Program Managers and State Training Officers who want to provide support to their AmeriCorps members in making a successful transition from AmeriCorps into employment or education.

The LAAB is a resource for you so that you have everything you need to host engaging and impactful sessions for your members either virtual, hybrid, or in person. The LAAB includes templates, outlines, materials, and activities so that you can create your own custom experience for members, but don’t have to start from scratch.

NEW – Blended Learning Modules

Partner site relationships program director learning module
Member recruitment program director learning module
Member management - program director learning module
member retention program director learning module

Training Series 

AmeriCorps Training Series sponsored by America Learns