Monday the Flagstaff Women’s Leadership Network met at a new location, the newly renovated DoubleTree hotel. To kick off the new year I presented an interactive seminar, Simple Steps for Resolution Success. The steps were simple: Dream It, Choose It, See It, Do It, and Commit To It. The message of the presentation was that change is a choice that you make everyday and making that choice to change over and over is the difficult part about transformation.

I shared how I had responded to losing my job at the beginning of the great recession. I moved back home and took a job that did not turn out to be a great fit for me. Sitting in a cubicle all day and living in the DC suburbs again, I was unhappy and gained 30 pounds. After a wake up call from my aunt, I realized that something had to change and I set my goal to lose one pound a week. It took me a year, but I was successful at losing 30 pounds. Most of the habits that I created over the course of that year stuck with me. The great thing about losing one pound a week for a year is that you can go for an entire year without gaining weight! The longer pace also gave me time to adopt those new habits as real lifestyle choices. Attendees can get a copy of the handout HERE.

We had a great crowd on Monday night and I really enjoyed the chance to share my story and my tips with this group of women. The Flagstaff Women’s Leadership Network is a free group for networking and professional development. The next meeting will be focused on Meeting Facilitation and will be held February 13th from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the DoubleTree Hotel. The meeting usually starts with 30 minutes of networking, then the speaker, then more networking. Feel free to drop by after work when you can.