For two years I have had the honor of designing and facilitating a Leadership Retreat for the Capital Planning and Campus Operations team at Northern Arizona University. This has been a great challenge because the leader of the team, Daniel Okoli, presents me with both tangible desired outcomes (value proposition statements for each unit) as well as intangible goals (a shift in attitude from one of scarcity to one of abundance). After speaking to Dan about his desired outcomes for the retreat, I go back to my office and design activities that will create an experience for the team that will achieve those outcomes. We measure the effectiveness of the retreat with a pre- and post-assessment tool which assesses changes in attitude and knowledge of each of the team members.

At the last retreat, a videographer captured key moments over the course of two days, and interviewed Dan and I about what the retreat was meant to achieve. I encourage you to watch the video if you have any interest in energizing your team with some form of a retreat. This event was very successful with a significant increase in the post-retreat assessment scores on all outcomes that we were hoping to impact.



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