Are you in charge of a project or a new team at work? You need to lead meetings with this group but also want everyone engaged. You have experience with presenting to groups and with leadership, but perhaps you haven’t had to facilitate these types of meetings before. You want to be prepared for what might come up.

Between writing and creating videos about strategies to lead better meetings, and offering a free downloadable toolkit on the top three steps for better meetings, I have a lot of free resources for you. However, if you are taking on an important role with leadership facilitation at work, and you are looking to go deeper in increasing your leadership confidence, you may be a good fit for my coaching services.

Are you concerned about:

  • Keeping discussions focused
  • Ensuring everyone leaves the meeting feeling like they made a valuable contribution
  • Identifying future actions from the meeting
  • Eliminating wasted time in meetings

Do you want help with:

  • Preparing and planning for the meeting
  • Learning how to keep people on track while also getting everyone engaged
  • Managing time constraints

I can help you. I offer one on one coaching services and online group coaching.

Basic 1:1 Coaching Package: $1,250 – 4 sessions of one on one coaching either in person or via video conference

Standard 1:1 Coaching Package: $1,920 – One on one coaching plus two observations of the coachee leading a meeting

Extensive 1:1 Coaching Package: $2,250 – Standard Package plus the coach conducts anonymous interviews with members of the coachee’s team to receive feedback on their leadership and facilitation style

“I definitely feel more prepared going into these meetings than before”.

Coaching Client

Small Group Coaching Package: $695

I offer small group coaching on a seasonal basis. Currently, I am accepting new group coaching clients for my Spring cohort. Registration will close February 26, 2019, for the Spring cohort. The small group coaching consists of six online webinar-style sessions led by me. At each session, I will share strategies on how to lead better meetings. Then each coachee will have an opportunity to share what they are working on for their next meeting and receive feedback and ideas from me as well as from the other small group members. The group is usually 4-6 members and the webinar dates and times are scheduled after the group is set in order to find a time that works best for the group members.

“Before the meeting, I felt energetic. I felt prepared. After the meeting, I was exhausted, but still energized; exhausted in a good way.”

Coaching Client