When I was building the 3 Steps to Energize Your Team With Better Staff Meetings Toolkit, I used a creative thinking exercise to put myself in the shoes of a staff meeting. Not to imagine myself AT a staff meeting, but to actually imagine that I AM a staff meeting. When I anthropomorphized the staff meeting, I realized that a staff meeting aspires to be great.

Think about it. You want to be great. You want to do good work that matters. If a staff meeting was a person, I bet it would want that too.


I created this Ode to a Staff Meeting based on that exercise:

I am a staff meeting. I want to be helpful. I have brought everyone together.

Why are we here?

I want to be amazing. I want there to be legends about what happened here.

β€œIt started here.” That kernel of a new way of doing things

that lasting relationship; that moment of brilliance

a fit of laughter and a new tradition born

I also hold drama – momentous and difficult occasions where decisions were made to end things. I witness births and deaths, glory and sorrow.

What I loathe is monotony, boredom and indecision.

I want to be great.

Help out a staff meeting you know; Help it be great.

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